Saturday, January 26, 2013

How does Pinoy Tiangge work?

How does Pinoy Tiangge work?
Pinoy Tiangge is not like the normal bidding that people are accustomed to so here are some of the clarifications to make sure you get the most of our site.

Getting Started
Before you start participating in our auctions, you need to register first. Just go to the upper right hand corner of the website and click the “Sign up Now” link. You can also register in 1 click using your Facebook account. You’ll then be sent an email to confirm your account (If you can’t find it in your inbox, look for it at spam).

Once you’ve confirmed your account, you automatically get 5 free bids and you can start to buy bids and participate in our auctions!

Buying Bids
We have given you a lot of choices in Bidbundles. From the starter pack to the value packs! Always remember though that when buying bidbundles, you are buying your “right” to bid since participating in our auctions requires that your bids are loaded.  Purchasing bids doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win, but we have our “Buy Now” option which you can use and it’s just like spending money on a desired item. Nothing to lose!

Learn how to participate in the auctions
Now that you’ve registered and you’ve bought your first bidbundle, we recommend that you observe first our live auctions and get the feel of the dynamics of our auctions. Then you can jump right in when you’ve finally familiarized yourself with the auctions.

The timer
The timer will continuously countdown until 12 seconds. Beyond that, everytime someone bids, the timer will reset to 12 seconds again until such time that no one bids after the highest bidder. We highly recommend that you bid before the last 5 seconds as based on statistics, bidders who usually wait for the “1 second, Going once, going twice” usually lose in our auctions. 

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