Thursday, February 7, 2013

What is a Suki Point Auction?

We've been getting quite a number of inquiries regarding our Suki Point Auction so here are the details.

First, let's get to the details of the Suki Ultimate Achievement that's been ongoing and will end on March 31. Basically, You'll have a FREE Apple iMac plus an Iphone5 when you get to 10 won auctions in Pinoy Tiangge until March 31, 2013. 10 Won auctions include even those who've won our Bidbundle. The only exception are the 50% Discount coupon auctions. If you win a 50% Discount coupon, it doesn't count as 1 win or 1 suki point.

You can also fast track your Suki Point count without adding to your accumulated PA and this is the advantage of the Suki Point Auction. If you win in this auction, 0 pesos will be added to your total accumulated wins even if it has an additional Bidbundle in the auction. This means, you can still bid on lower PA items. Giving you more chances on getting to that 10 Wins!

However, if you opt for Bids Back option on a Suki Point auction. You'd be able to bids back on the BIDS only and not the Suki Poin. Much like the 50% discount coupon, Suki Point is not available for bidsback. BUT, again, the Bidbundle that comes with the Suki Point Auction is eligible for Bids Back.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

PA 101

Here is the detailed explanation of Pinoy Tiangge's categories of Auctions

Beginner's Auction - an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won in Pinoy Tiangge.

1,000 PA - an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won an accumulated amount of Php 1,000.00 worth of prizes based on retail price indicated on the item.

2,000 PA  -  an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won an accumulated amount of Php 2,000.00 worth of prizes based on retail price indicated on the item. 

5,000 PA  -  an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won an accumulated amount of Php 5,000.00 worth of prizes based on retail price indicated on the item. 

*  10,000  PA  - an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won an accumulated amount of Php 10,000.00 worth of prizes based on retail price indicated on the item. 

15,000 PA  -  an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won an accumulated amount of Php 15,000.00 worth of prizes based on retail price indicated on the item. 

20,000 PA  - an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won an accumulated amount of Php 20,000.00 worth of prizes based on retail price indicated on the item.

30,000 PA  - an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won an accumulated amount of Php 30,000.00 worth of prizes based on retail price indicated on the item.

50,00  PA  - an auction exclusive only for bidders/members who have not won an accumulated amount of Php 50,000.00 worth of prizes based on retail price indicated on the item.

Penny Auction - an auction exclusive for all bidders/members regardless of the accumulated amount of the items you have already won and to all bidders/members who have not won.

The PA category is based on the retail price of an item. If the item has not reached 1,000 pesos yet like example the 100 Bid Bundle which retails at 999 pesos only, the bidder can still bid on 1,000 PA items.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How do I win more Auctions?

With our 2 years experience and observing auctions in Pinoy Tiangge, we’ve noted several things that may increase a person’s chance of winning more items here in our site, here they are:

Pinoy Tiangge bidders who win the most auctions are those who spend the most in their pursuit of winning.

Some newbie bidders may be asking how come there are some users who don’t seem afraid of “losing it all”. The answer really is very simple and we’ll rephrase our previous highlighted statement for things to be clearer.

Pinoy Tiangge bidders who are more willing and prepared to exercise the “Bids Back now” feature are the ones who have the most success.

Our most successful bidders choose their item carefully and bid on items they are willing to pay the retail price in full using the Bids Back now option. And then when it’s time to bid, they play full out. It’s very difficult to outbid a bidder who has decided to pay the item in full if ever he loses.

Our less successful bidders are those who set unrealistic expectations and are just willing to shell out just a fraction of the actual cost of the item.

The “Bids Back Now” feature is essentially a safety net for our bidders that in case you lose, you can buy the item at retail price and regain all your used bids back to bid on another item. When you look at an auction in this manner, all the risk of loss disappears.

Besides, we also have our Loyalty Program which gives you incentive for every Bidbundle purchased. Which means, any purchase doesn’t go to waste.

Many of our bidders don’t see the good in the Bids Back now option. They’re the ones trying to win a 60,000 item with just 299 peso purchase. Though this is possible, and this has happened in Pinoy Tiangge already, the chances are very slim. We highly encourage everyone to set a realistic expectation of how much time and financial investment is necessary to win a bid ticket item in Pinoy Tiangge. 

Bids Back Now Explained

We want to make sure that you take advantage of all the features of our site. And our Bids Back Now feature allows you to play in Pinoy Tiangge and make sure that you don’t lose. How?

Here’s how the Bids Back now works. For example, you’re bidding on a 1,000 SM GC and realized that you’ve already spent 1,000 worth of bids on the item and still loses. You can use the Bids Back now feature to get all your used bids back in that auction and you get the 1,000 SM GC! You’ve got nothing to lose. So make sure to always use this feature whenever you feel like you’ve lost a lot of bids.

Remember also that Bids Back Now are only available for those who placed a bid on that auction. So at least 1 bid is required for you to avail of the Bids Back Feature.

5 Winning Tips from Kuya Pit!

Here are some tips from Kuya Pit when entering any auction. A little strategy will after all, go a long way!
      1.       Know your limits
Set a budget of course and stick to it! And if worse comes to worst, you can always use our Buy Now Option to make sure that you get all your investments back!

      2.       Prepare yourself
Going for the big-ticket items will require a skill, patience and bids so make sure you are completely armed when going for the gadget of your dreams.
      3.       Know your competition
Always watch out for who other are bidding. It is true that there are bidders who will not give up (even if they’ve lost a whole lot of bid) in an auction as long as they win. Make sure to avoid these type of bidders so that you won’t end up disappointed.

      4.       Do not be cheap
While there are a lot of users who hit it big in Pinoy Tiangge, our rule of thumb, invest in bids a total of 1/3 worth of the amount of the item you’re bidding for to make sure you get more chances of winning.
      5.       Know how to get FREE bids
There surely are a lot of ways to get free bids, 
1) Refer your friends, if they purchase, you get 10% of their purchased bid points. 
2) Log in everyday. Pinoy Tiangge rewards users who frequently log in their account. 
3) Participate in our mini games, promos and contest. And so much more! Watch out for our announcements from time to time on how you can get free bids.

There, Kuya Pit has revealed it all. Now go out there and go for the gadget of your dreams! 

The Top 3 Mistakes Beginners Usually Make

We all here in Pinoy Tiangge aims to make bidding fun and enjoyable for everyone. We understand that there are dilemmas beginners stumble upon when they join our site. Here are 2 simple scenarios that beginner’s usually encounter:

Scene 1: Peter Cruz purchases a 999 peso worth of Bidbundle for Sony Vaio laptop. He says to himself 
“This is great! I’m going to get myself a laptop for only 999 pesos!”

Auction came and Peter uses up all his bids worth 999 Pesos in the Sony Vaio laptop auction and didn’t end up the winner in the bidding of the laptop.

Peter says “I hate Pinoy Tiangge!”, “I lost 999 pesos and I’m never coming back!”.  Sad both for Peter and Pinoy Tiangge since Peter lost 999 and we lost a customer.

Scene 2:  Alex Tan discovers Pinoy Tiangge and sees the opportunity that he can get items at an amazingly low price “Parang normal bidding lang to, like ebay!”.

So Alex buys a 100 Bidbundle and discovers that the time resets to 12 seconds everytime someone outbids him. Alex says, “This is not how bidding works! This is a scam!”. So there goes another story which ended on a sad note.

In the almost 2 years that Pinoy Tiangge is operating, we have heard a lot of these stories. Some of you might be able to relate to their stories. We don’t want anyone to walk away empty-handed like Peter and Alex, so here are some of the top 3 mistakes beginner’s make:
      1.    Unrealistic Expectations
If you’re new to Pinoy Tiangge, please don’t expect to win a laptop by just buying the cheapest bidbundle available. We are not saying this couldn’t happen, it could and in our history, we had players who invested so little and won a lot BUT it is highly improbable as there are also a lot of other veteran bidders who have high bids and are also bidding on the same item you want.

While we want you to hit it big in our site, we encourage you to start on the small stuff, like Bidbundles (you’ll still earn Suki Points for this anyway). Baby steps is the way to go if you want to get more from our site.
      2.       Going for the Big Ticket Items
If you’re a beginner especially in bidding, don’t go after the big items right away. There are more competitors in the big items and veterans going for the popular items. We recommend that you get acquainted with our “Buy Now” option so you won’t be able to just throw your money away. With our Buy Now option, you can’t lose! Once you get the handle of the site, then, by all means, go for it and bid on those amazing phones, cameras and gadgets!

Be willing to devote more time and money to increase your odds in winning. We find that participants willing to spend 1/3 of the value of the item in bids increase their chances of winning in an auction.
      3.       Starting right away
Our help section is aimed especially to all our beginner’s who are still getting the hang of bidding. Use it to your advantage. Read the articles in Pinoy Tiangge 101 to let you understand how each auction is different  from each other. Familiarize yourself with the Buy Now Option, Our Loyalty Rewards System and our Suki Achievement to make sure you take advantage of every feature designed to make our site more fun and enjoyable for you.

How does Pinoy Tiangge work?

How does Pinoy Tiangge work?
Pinoy Tiangge is not like the normal bidding that people are accustomed to so here are some of the clarifications to make sure you get the most of our site.

Getting Started
Before you start participating in our auctions, you need to register first. Just go to the upper right hand corner of the website and click the “Sign up Now” link. You can also register in 1 click using your Facebook account. You’ll then be sent an email to confirm your account (If you can’t find it in your inbox, look for it at spam).

Once you’ve confirmed your account, you automatically get 5 free bids and you can start to buy bids and participate in our auctions!

Buying Bids
We have given you a lot of choices in Bidbundles. From the starter pack to the value packs! Always remember though that when buying bidbundles, you are buying your “right” to bid since participating in our auctions requires that your bids are loaded.  Purchasing bids doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win, but we have our “Buy Now” option which you can use and it’s just like spending money on a desired item. Nothing to lose!

Learn how to participate in the auctions
Now that you’ve registered and you’ve bought your first bidbundle, we recommend that you observe first our live auctions and get the feel of the dynamics of our auctions. Then you can jump right in when you’ve finally familiarized yourself with the auctions.

The timer
The timer will continuously countdown until 12 seconds. Beyond that, everytime someone bids, the timer will reset to 12 seconds again until such time that no one bids after the highest bidder. We highly recommend that you bid before the last 5 seconds as based on statistics, bidders who usually wait for the “1 second, Going once, going twice” usually lose in our auctions.