Saturday, January 26, 2013

How do I win more Auctions?

With our 2 years experience and observing auctions in Pinoy Tiangge, we’ve noted several things that may increase a person’s chance of winning more items here in our site, here they are:

Pinoy Tiangge bidders who win the most auctions are those who spend the most in their pursuit of winning.

Some newbie bidders may be asking how come there are some users who don’t seem afraid of “losing it all”. The answer really is very simple and we’ll rephrase our previous highlighted statement for things to be clearer.

Pinoy Tiangge bidders who are more willing and prepared to exercise the “Bids Back now” feature are the ones who have the most success.

Our most successful bidders choose their item carefully and bid on items they are willing to pay the retail price in full using the Bids Back now option. And then when it’s time to bid, they play full out. It’s very difficult to outbid a bidder who has decided to pay the item in full if ever he loses.

Our less successful bidders are those who set unrealistic expectations and are just willing to shell out just a fraction of the actual cost of the item.

The “Bids Back Now” feature is essentially a safety net for our bidders that in case you lose, you can buy the item at retail price and regain all your used bids back to bid on another item. When you look at an auction in this manner, all the risk of loss disappears.

Besides, we also have our Loyalty Program which gives you incentive for every Bidbundle purchased. Which means, any purchase doesn’t go to waste.

Many of our bidders don’t see the good in the Bids Back now option. They’re the ones trying to win a 60,000 item with just 299 peso purchase. Though this is possible, and this has happened in Pinoy Tiangge already, the chances are very slim. We highly encourage everyone to set a realistic expectation of how much time and financial investment is necessary to win a bid ticket item in Pinoy Tiangge. 

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