Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 Winning Tips from Kuya Pit!

Here are some tips from Kuya Pit when entering any auction. A little strategy will after all, go a long way!
      1.       Know your limits
Set a budget of course and stick to it! And if worse comes to worst, you can always use our Buy Now Option to make sure that you get all your investments back!

      2.       Prepare yourself
Going for the big-ticket items will require a skill, patience and bids so make sure you are completely armed when going for the gadget of your dreams.
      3.       Know your competition
Always watch out for who other are bidding. It is true that there are bidders who will not give up (even if they’ve lost a whole lot of bid) in an auction as long as they win. Make sure to avoid these type of bidders so that you won’t end up disappointed.

      4.       Do not be cheap
While there are a lot of users who hit it big in Pinoy Tiangge, our rule of thumb, invest in bids a total of 1/3 worth of the amount of the item you’re bidding for to make sure you get more chances of winning.
      5.       Know how to get FREE bids
There surely are a lot of ways to get free bids, 
1) Refer your friends, if they purchase, you get 10% of their purchased bid points. 
2) Log in everyday. Pinoy Tiangge rewards users who frequently log in their account. 
3) Participate in our mini games, promos and contest. And so much more! Watch out for our announcements from time to time on how you can get free bids.

There, Kuya Pit has revealed it all. Now go out there and go for the gadget of your dreams! 

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